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Job Shop Evaluation

You have choices. Choose the job shop that's consistently shown the ability to meet and exceed customer requirements. This summary checklist is a good place to start your evaluation.

Who is involved? What is their experience and accessibility?
ATM senior management is fully engaged with every client on every job. Our employees have an average of 16 years' experience in manufacturing. All key personnel are accessible via e-mail, direct lines and cell phones.
Are all shop areas clean and well organized?
ATM employs "Five S" principles to systematically achieve organization, cleanliness, and standardization throughout our facility. The result is greater workflow efficiencies and a more productive operation.
Is the shop able to implement changes in a timely, accurate manner?
ATM continually monitors capacity, so we're always ready to respond quickly to changes.
Is order processing integrated with manufacturing?
At ATM manufacturing and assembly are fully integrated and timed to occur as orders are received and products are needed.
Does the shop have reliable sourcing arrangements with its suppliers?
ATM is aligned with a strong base of dependable sub-tier suppliers. We've cultivated long-term relationships with the best of the best — vendors who have proven ability to meet our rigorous standards for quality and on-time delivery.
Is the shop consistently able to meet its delivery commitments?
ATM realizes that your production flow is only as good as our flow. Have you ever had to stop production because a part or subassembly was not delivered on time? On several occasions, when ATM had been underbid, customers eventually turned to us to because of our demonstrated ability to deliver when it counts.
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